Melt-blown Fabric supply and mask components

Melt-blown Fabric

Product Code:RMMBF

Filtration Efficiency
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) 99% or above
Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) 99% or above
Effectively filter viruses, bacteria and particles (VFE) 99% or above



Blue Non-woven Fabric (Outer)

Product Code:RMNWO

Waterproof non-woven fabric – can prevent droplet penetration



White Non-woven Fabric (Inner)

Product Code:RMNWI

Skin-friendly waterproof non-woven fabric



Elastic Ear Loop

Product Code:RMEEL

EU Certificate
EN 14126 & ISO 16603 Level 2



Nose Strip

Product Code:RMNSC



Manufacturer Profile

The fabric is produced by Fujian Baiqi Non-woven Fabric Company, which is held by a listed company Billion Ind ( 02299.HK ). The Master Development Hong Kong Limited is the exclusive distributor in Hong Kong.

Aiming at “technology innovation and improving competitive strength”, Billion Ind persist to pursuing the technology innovation approach of a combination of “Production, Learning, Research and Application”. Most of the key equipments are imported from Germany and Japan which are of international first-class equipment standards. High quality equipment provides the Group with strong guarantee of both product innovation and technology innovation. Several projects of the Group were listed in the “Fujian 2019 Key Project List”. Its technology centre was awarded as the “State Enterprise Technology Centre” and its fiber testing centre gained the recognition of CNAS National Laboratory.

The Group owns the largest differentiated chemical fiber production base in Southern China. It is also the first enterprise in Fujian Province to adopt the world’s advanced melt-direct spinning differentiated chemical fiber production line and possesses the industry leading spinning and texturing equipment and technology. The Group has a research and development team, comprising over 600 senior technicians from all around the country, to develop new products under a market-oriented approach. The Group also has a sizable quality control team equipped with the world’s advanced testing facilities to ensure stringent product quality and personalized quality service.

The raw material of melt blown cloth has been certified by STC (Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre) for BFE and PFE ≥ 99%. And passed the BFE ≥ 99% (ASTM F2101-19) material test of SGS (SGS Hong Kong Ltd.).

Test Report for Melt-blown Fabric

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